A Tale of 2 Koopa Friends

Difficulty: Normal

Style: Costume

This is a story of friendship between two Koopas that will not only warm your heart, but will make you realize how much of an impact your actions can have on others and on the world. It is easier to succeed when two Koopa friends work together to share the load, and remove all obstacles.

Notable Levels by Lantis:

About the Maker

Lantis Born from the lost city, Lantis is an ordinary guy that likes to try different things in life. He is a gamer at heart that creates random levels on Mario Maker (some may even be too random). Most of his levels have secrets, including secret softlocks. He doesn't have a perfect level. He loves Kaizo levels, but Kaizo levels don't love him. As a matter of fact, he can't clear a single Kaizo level, and he also can't finish 100 Mario Challenge on Super Expert difficulty. For this reason, most of his levels are for casual players. Lantis also enjoys anime, hanging out with friends, and self-deprecation.
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