Big Blue Arcade

Difficulty: Super Expert

Style: Theme

Big Blue Arcade is the latest in a long line of incredibly hard levels named after tracks from F-Zero. Like all the others, this is a cheetah speed autoscroller that focuses on hard jumps and fast movement. Unlike almost all the others, this one doesn’t include any item abuse and kaizo tricks. But it’s still tough as nails. Have fun!

Notable Levels by Barbarian:

About the Maker

Barbarian - aka Barbarian King, aka Barbarous King, or simply Barb. He likes hard levels. He bought Mario Maker after seeing Panga's Skyzo on Twitch. He's known for making extremely difficult autoscrollers and classic romhack style kaizo levels.
Item Reviewed: Big Blue Arcade Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Lantis
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