Frostbone Cellar’s Secret

Difficulty: Super Expert

Style: Theme

Trapped in frozen undead territory, mario must traverse slippery boneyards, climb icy towers and conquer the deadest of foes to find the secret behind Frostbone’s final inheritence, trapped in his cellar for an eternity. This adventure platformer level will test your endurance with its length and very hard, but fair difficulty.

Notable Levels by Glackum:

About the Maker

Glackum - also known as Glackum the Smorg, is from the United States of America. Born an amoeba and evolved into a smorg, its dream is to become the greatest walrus on Earth. This thing used to doodle all over any paper given to him at school. Now it brings the artistic talents of greatness to mario maker! It specializes in small series, vertical levels, precision platformers and bosses.
Item Reviewed: Frostbone Cellar’s Secret Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Lantis
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