Fungal Fortress

Difficulty: Normal

Style: Traditional

Fungal Fortress is the Great Goomba King’s home. He has raised an army of Goombas and fed them a steady diet of keys! Mario must extract these keys from them in whatever way possible to make his way out of this mushroom madness.

Notable Levels by Lebootski:

About the Maker

TheBigLebootski - is a bearded bald dude from New Brunswick, Canada. He's always been a creative type, in both art and music, and grew up playing video games. As an 80's/90's kid, NES, Super NES and Super Mario games were a big part of his childhood and he would often draw out his own imaginary game maps of Mario levels. Making video game levels is something he kept thinking of as an adult but never had the means to do so, so Super Mario Maker was a dream come true for him and he bought it on the day of its release and has not stopped playing since! His style of making could be described as semi traditional with light but satisfying challenges, focusing on fun mechanics and unique settings with cool aesthetics. His proudest achievements in the game have been to have his levels Garbage Grounds and Captain Mario's Very Own Airship recommended by Nintendo on its weekly essential courses list on both the US and UK sites respectively, and winning Reddit's LOTW twice with Tiny Tank Takeover and Colossal Cod Cauldron. He is also quickly approaching the elusive 10000 star mark. When he is not playingSMM, TheBigLebootski enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 boys (both makers in their own right!), playing the fiddle, listening to podcasts, and being probably the world's last remaining competitve Geometry Wars 2 player. He is thriilled to be part of this project and hopes everyone enjoys his level!
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