Infiltration Of Koopadyne

Difficulty: Normal

Style: Theme

Note: This level should be played with comments on.

Mario has heard of this weapon company that has popped around Mushroom Kingdom not too long ago known as Koopadyne. They say that their plan is to make safe, efficient, practical, and quick machines that would be able to stop evildoers without doing much harm or damage.

Many cheered for this idea, but Mario thought it seemed a bit fishy. For Mushroom Kingdom’s safety, Mario decides that it’s best to head into one of their main facilities and check for himself exactly what it is that they do.

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About the Maker

Ayumi - Back in the late 80s, some Japanese scientists conducted experiments on dark photons. Due to a horrible miscalculation, one procedure caused a huge meltdown of one of the facilities. It is said during the clean-up, a small deformed child was found in the debris covered in a black goo that had a strong electrical charge. No one knows where this baby came from, or how it got there, but they decided to name it Ayumi and take care of it. At least, until they decided it was safe enough to release this creature out to the public. Growing up playing with many electrical devices, mainly video games, since in diapers, Ayumi became a game fanatic. One of these games would be Super Mario Bros. Skipping along over the years, Ayumi has gotten even more fascinated in video games, to the point that from 2002 and onward she has tried making video games of her own. Alas, many of them becames canned projects. Due to being a one (or two at times) person working on these games, it was taking too long and Ayumi always wanted to add or change things due to never finding anything "perfect" in her eyes. In 2009, Ayumi finally retired from working on video games. Skipping ahead to 2015, Super Mario Maker re-sparked Ayumi's interest in game making and decided that this was the game for her. Knowing that it's just an editor and not an engine or game maker exactly, she decided to make the best of it.
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