Lair of the Munchtrees

Difficulty: Expert

Style: Theme

The munchtrees have invaded the mushroom kingdom’s caves, and Mario is on a mission to get rid of the infestation! Venture deeper and deeper into their lair, and watch them grow, grow, and then grow even more...

Notable Levels by Kiavik:

About the Maker

Kiavik - is just a regular dude born in the South of Italy more than 30 years ago. Since age 4, when his dad played his Commodore 64 together with him, he's been a videogame addict with a special preference for Nintendo games. Mario titles, in particular, have always been some of his favourites, and he has played and beat every single one of them at the time they came out. Then Mario Maker happened, and he discovered he had a penchant for designing good levels with creative elements like pendulum chomps, hordes of magikoopas and crazy giant robots. Now he's not as prolific as before, but instead he's nurturing other talents with the "One Year of Mario Maker" project, but you already know that part.
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