Learn to SMM with Style!

Difficulty: Expert

Style: Gimmick

“Learn to […] with Style!” is an ongoing series where the player learns some specific gameplay mechanics in a (relatively) safe environment, and then has to go through a harder castle section using his newly acquired skills. In Learn to SMM with Style!, the player interacts in various ways with cannon-carrying Thwomps. Why cannons? Because they are the best, of course! Also, the castle is infested with moles, and King Mole has decided to make a surprise boss appearance for Mario’s birthday. Can you reach the cake?

Notable Levels by Bilbo:

About the Maker

Bilbo - In a hole in the ground there lived a 27 year old French hobbit (now with dual American citizenship!). Bilbo (/u/quantumpoop on reddit) was his name. While out of the Shire, this funky hobbit stumbled upon /r/mariomaker. Maybe it was a coincidence? Maybe it was fate? We will never truly know... Bilbo then discovered the Lord of the Week (LOTW) competition, where Middle Earth creatures competed for the best level. He submitted a Halloween level, and his hopes and dreams got crushed by the evil judges of Mordor. Being a resourceful hobbit, Bilbo didn't give up and went on to win LOTW five times, giving him the most wins in Middle Earth history. When Bilbo retuned to the Shire, he dedicated his full attention to his Mole Land levels, his Learn to [...] with Style series, and his tributes to other makers in the Fellowship. Some hobbit trivia facts that were left out of his book: Bilbo grew up exclusively playing SEGA games, because Sonic was cool, fast, and had an attitude, so he was clearly superior to the fat plumber. Super Mario Maker is his first 2D Mario game. Bilbo developed a taste for level design after fooling around with the Portal and Toki Tori level editors (no shame...). When creating a level, direct influences are Rayman, Donkey Kong Country, Prince of Persia, Sonic, Oddworld, Earthworm Jim. When he is not making levels, Bilbo works as a physicist, plays the piano, or cooks bolognese just like your mama used to make it.
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