Lethal Luigis

Difficulty: Normal

Style: Theme

This level is based on Luigis. Yes, Luigis. Mario can show again who´s the bigger brother and stomp Luigi into the ground when wearing the Mega Mario Costume. Chain chomps´ posts are looking like Luigis and you can jump on and off them, just a bit like P-Switch jumps. Combined with some clever mechanism, you can actually build a whole level using this technique.

Notable Levels by Julian:

About the Maker

Julian - is a german guy who lives in the west of Germany. He has been a Super Mario fan for a long time, since he was a child. When Mario Maker came out he wasn´t interested in it and didn´t even have a Wii U. But after he saw a friend play it he was totally excited and bought one - Just for playing Mario Maker. Other games like Mario Kart 8 or Splatoon were played just a few times because Mario Maker was the game he had been waiting for his entire life. After playing it for half a year he was told to visit the Mario Maker subreddit and he really enjoyed it. All in all Mario Maker will never get boring because of so many possibilities.
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