Mario Maker, Forever

Difficulty: Normal

Style: Music

This is an exciting, interactive music level, celebrating Mario Maker’s one year anniversary with a tune that we all love so dearly! Keep up with the break-neck cheetah pace as you activate some crazy contraptions, blow things up, and do some classic platforming.

Notable Levels by BossMan:

About the Maker

BossMan - is a maker from Canada who enjoys making levels that are both fun to play and aesthetically pleasing. The succes of one of his first levels, "The Abandoned Castle", which has amassed over 1000 stars, sucked him into the Mario Maker community, and he now finds if impossible to leave. His love of music and the piano bleeds into his level design, and is responsible for many of his musical platforming stages. His knowledge of many other games and series has affected his level design styles too, with many of his ideas coming from series such as Portal, Pokemon, Zelda, and more.
Item Reviewed: Mario Maker, Forever Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Lantis
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