Powerstar Dungeon

Difficulty: Expert

Style: Theme

Many years ago, there stood a great palace in the center of Star World, dedicated to the stars themselves. However, in an unknown event, disaster befell Star World and the great palace fell beneath the earth where it now sinks in decay. Mario must use clouds and stars to traverse the twisting tunnels of the ancient, mole-infested ruins. Only the hero of legend, though, will discover and restore the sacred star shrine.

Notable Levels by Gilmore:

About the Maker

Melonrind - also known as Gilmore in reference to his favorite movie, tries to have a lot of variety in his levels. One person who had a big influence on his levels was Chicken, a Japanese creator. His first Mario game, Super Mario World, is also his favorite Mario Maker theme. Along with DKC Tropical Freeze, the idea of making your own Mario levels is what sold him on getting a Wii U. Besides Mario Maker and the DKC series, his favorite games are Super Mario Sunshine, Yoshi's Island, and Paper Mario TTYD.
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