Promethean Predicament

Difficulty: Expert

Style: Theme

The Ninten-deities have gifted Mario with the power of level design technology. But this creative tool is dangerous and unstable, with the potential to destroy oneself and others, so Mario must learn when and how to use his newfound power, and when not to use it. In this small-Mario only level, navigate an otherworldly realm and learn when to use POWs and when to jump on them without grabbing them. This expert course is a simple precision platformer about the careful manipulation and release of the run/hold button at just the right times.

Notable Levels by Tim:

About the Maker

Tim - as a lifelong student trying to figure out his career path, video games are Cyborganthro’s beautiful distraction of choice. Like most makers, he struggled at first to get plays on his levels until his friend mdubmiler showed him the Mario Maker subreddit. He has been obsessed with the community and especially the Level of the Week contest ever since. In fact, he was so addicted that for months he made contest-tailored levels almost every week in search of the elusive golden hammer. Recently he finally got one and was able to “cool his jets” a bit, but he still loves the game and the community. He eventually got tired of speaking in the third person, but I was honored to be of this awesome Mario Maker birthday tribute. Keep making awesome levels, everyone!
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