Rocky Road

Difficulty: Expert

Style: Gimmick

Welcome to Rocky Road, strange home of the rocky wrenches and monty moles. This level exploits the unique behaviors behind both of these enemies to create an otherworldly and bizarre experience. Can you direct Mario through this wacky mix of platforming and puzzle?

Notable Levels by exonym:

About the Maker

Exonym - is just an oldschool retro video game fan. He has always been a fan of Mario, despite *gasp* never owning an NES or SNES of his own. But when he heard Mario Maker was going to be released, naturally he bought a Wii-U specifically for that game. All his childhood days of wishing to create a game could now be realized and he probably spent way too many hours building levels. He usually tries to find the most obscure quirks about the game and build levels off of them.
Item Reviewed: Rocky Road Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Lantis
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