Scooch Your Forehead

Difficulty: Expert

Style: Puzzle

If “Use Your Forehead” and “Scooch Over” (Birdo’s 2 most popular courses) had a baby, it would be “Scooch Your Forehead”. This is a unique 4-screen puzzle centred around a combination of two mechanics: (1) moving objects with your forehead when carrying them isn’t possible and (2) a pipe that brings the player into a clone of the first room, except the room is “scooched over” 4 tiles to the right. Despite reusing ideas from previous Birdo puzzles, this is a totally different level featuring interactions that haven’t been used in a puzzle before.

Notable Levels by Pink Birdo:

About the Maker

Pink Birdo - Many mediocre celebrities have come from Canada (Justin Bieber, Céline Dion, Jim Carrey, etc.). However, Canada has also produced such legends as Justin Trudeau, Carly Rae Jepsen, Pink Birdo, and that guy who does the voice of Bojack Horseman. Birdo's Mario-making career began with success; greatness was the blanket Birdo was wrapped in as a baby. Birdo achieved fame early with the revolutionary one screen puzzle "Use Your Forehead", a level about using your forehead to psychically move items between tracks in the SMB1 style (where Mario can't pick items because I guess they're heavier for some reason). Later, Birdo would shock the world with "Scooch Over", the highest ranked one screen puzzle in the game, a level that makes players ask "is this person hacking?" right before exiting it without starring. As a result, Birdo has become known by literally dozens of people as the best one screen puzzle maker ever to have lived. Note: this biography was totally written by a neutral third party.
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