Skyborne Stronghold

Difficulty: Expert

Style: Theme

In the far reaches of your imagination, and the high skies of your creativity, lies the Skyborne Stronghold. Hidden in the clouds, this mysterious floating ruin needs Mario’s help! He must traverse the relics in order to protect this myth from the evil paraspinies who nest there. Legend says those who explore the deepest, may stumble upon the Sky King’s throne.

Notable Levels by Andy:

About the Maker

Andy - also known as Apalpha, is a teenage maker constantly intrigued with making pretty, no... Beautiful levels. Constantly striving to to satisfy his endless hunger for more stars, Andy enjoys making varieties of aesthetic levels all with unique themes. He has won the Level of the Week contest one time with his level, Color Code Castle, but is destined to be the first kid to win it 17 times. Or maybe the first anyone to do this. As of the moment he is working on polishing his aesthetical brilliance by curing his mediocre gameplay, although maybe he should be working on sound editing. Eh, he shall see.
Item Reviewed: Skyborne Stronghold Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Lantis
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