Super Mario Makery

Difficulty: Normal

Style: Costume

Welcome to the Makery¹, an exclusive manufacturer of authentic² WW levels.

Start your tour in Research and Development before making your way through (and onto) various assembly lines. You’ll also visit the construction yard where workers assemble the end product. Final delivery of the completed level will occur after all pink coins have been found.

For your convenience, the Makery provides visitors with an infinite checkpoint save, a 7-costume scavenger hunt, and an uneasy feeling that Goombas were probably harmed during the making of this level.

¹ Locally-sourced super-fresh organic WebbieWife levels. At the Makery® we don’t just make Kaizo happen, we don’t make Kaizo happen at all.™

² Knock-off brands such as WhatWiffs and/or WebWipe may give users a rash. Authentic WW levels will still give you a rash but they’ll also make you a cup of tea before driving you to the clinic.

Notable Levels by WebbieWife:

About the Maker

WebbieWife - also known as who?, whatshername, and that pixel art lady, grew up without an NES or the benefit of classic Mario games. As a result, WebbieWife makes levels that are anything but traditional. She is best known for creating easy-going, visually interesting levels often with a quirky twist. Her main audience includes seven year olds, seafood lovers, and anyone who enjoys toilets made out of cloud blocks.
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