Super Mario Mayhem

Difficulty: Normal

Style: Speedrun

Research suggests that going fast and plowing through enemies is fun–this level sets out to prove that theory. You’ll need to think quickly as you dash from star to star, smashing enemies and avoiding pitfalls as the ground collapses beneath you!

There’s also be a hidden route that’s extra challenging, so keep an eye out for it!

Notable Levels by Silent96:

About the Maker

Silent96 - also known as Ryan, is an American platformer junkie and wanna-be game designer. His levels consist of traditional and bizarre levels alike, with a lot of variety. Having honed his skills since his infancy, he enjoys a good challenge--and his levels reflect this. Although they are littered with powerups and checkpoints to make them more accessible, Silent's levels are nothing if not challenging. Whether it's endurance, speed or precision, his levels will put you to the test.
Item Reviewed: Super Mario Mayhem Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Lantis
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