Veni, Vidi, Vine

Difficulty: Expert

Style: Theme

A level highly inspired by Retro Studios’ DK:R and DK:TF design philosophies, packed with healthy green Vines. Diddy, the banana addicted fellow, needs to swing from vine to vine, climb for his life and (most importantly) overcome his acrophobia to avoid hordes of hazards blocking his way. It’s very uncommon for Monkeys to suffer from acrophobia, but there must be some kind of reason for him to visit this level, I guess. Oh, his best buddy Donkey also can be found by getting all 10 pink coins, since he got kidnapped and constantly tortured with the SMM Bonus theme. Well, maybe a cake is rewarding enough for you to get on this extra challenge?

Notable Levels by Master A1:

About the Maker

Master_A1 - Alex came in touch with his first videogame in the early 90's, when his big brother's christmas present (NES) changed his life significantly. With an age of 4 years he played his first game - SMB and he fell in love with games - a love that even lasts to this day. His first few games all had a remarkable level of difficulty and to this day he never refused to complete a challenging game. This might be the reason for his lenghty and mostly hard creations in SMM. In the year 2005 the name "Master A1" was born. The following years he became a respected competetive player for games like Mario Kart DS/Wii/Wii U, Metroid Prime: Hunters, Halo: Reach or Splatoon. He once used to lead his own clan simply called "A1" and recruited professional players from all around the world to rule the Metroid Prime: Hunters community and clan scene (even after more than 100 clan wars, they were unbeaten). Now and then he took his time to do WR's in several games, play online tournaments and even took the (completely random) chance to play with ex-RARE employees online, when Banjo-Kazoie: Nuts and Bolts got it's release in 2008. His love for games still is undefeated and he can't think of a better "time waster" or hobby. SMM was the game he has been waiting for all the years and with more than 400 games completed across all gaming platforms, Alex (hopefully) developed some kind of sense for good game design. With his levels for SMM, he always tries to create new concepts, surprise players or evolve known ideas from his favorite games to take them even further. He thinks, due to it's limitations, SMM provides easy to use tools for everyone, and for the people asking for more, it offers unlimited fun and possibilities, as the game "forces" players to use their imagination.
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