Wiggler Volcano!

Difficulty: Expert

Style: Theme

Behold Wiggler Volcano! Mario_Lab (@levigmiller) wanted to create a throwback to one of the first levels that he shared on Twitch before he ever started streaming. The orginal level had the player go into a volcano to save Yoshi. He completely revamped the concept by focusing more on platforming and giving it a new theme with one of his favorite elements in the game – wigglers! Hope you enjoy yet another unforgettable adventure from the Lab.

Notable Levels by Mario_Lab:

About the Maker

Mario_Lab - Since the beginning of Mario Maker, Mario_Lab (@levigmiller) was on Twitch sharing his levels with everyone and quickly made a name for himself. The Lab was at the forefront of creating some of the most cohesive adventure levels that combined puzzle and platforming while always staying true to the theme of the level! The most popular example of this was his Legend of the 4-Headed Dragon level that concluded with an epic boss. After a month, Mario_Lab started streaming his building process and giving others feedback. This inspired many people to continue to build levels and improve their own creations! The Lab had a level featured for SGDQ. Fun fact: this is his first 2D Mario game!
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