Year Of The Muncher

Difficulty: Expert

Style: Theme

This huge mansion has a big muncher infestation. Some even have wings!! Can Mario make it out alive? Only you can help him.

Notable Levels by Buflen:

About the Maker

Buflen - is a french Canadian from Montreal. Since he was a little kid, He has been an avid gamer and has been obsessed with anything related with Nintendo. Buflen's popularity began on twitch where he sent many of his levels to streamers, but got bigger when he was part of season 2 of Mario Maker Mondays as a level creator. He usually makes hard levels that tend to reuse space as much as possible, and that extensively use enemies or mechanics as a theme. His most well-known level is "Collapsing Crania Catacombs", a level created for Mario Maker Mondays that received a LOTW nomination by using the white skulls platform in various ways, something he has done on two previous levels, "Skull Cavern" and "Shell & Pow Cave". Some people say his most underrated level would be "The Thwomp Pit".
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