Super Discord Bros. 3 (SDB3)

Super Discord Bros. 3: A Collaborative, 64-Level SMB3-Style Traditional Game

Description: The long-awaited sequel to Super Discord World is finally here. For those not in the know, this was a community effort involving dozens of different makers with the goal of creating a full SMB3-style game in SMM. Like the real SMB3 that it pays tribute to, this game is separated into 8 different worlds (each with a world map!) all ending in some variation of an airship stage, guarded by one of Bowser's minions.

The worlds are, in order:

- Jungle Land, featuring Patty Piranha
- Desert Land, featuring Roxanne Ratchet
- Water Land, featuring Cecil the Sea Serpent
- Color Land, featuring The Spectrum Squad
- Night Land, featuring The Terrifying Twelve
- Frostfire Land, featuring Coldfire Cobra
- Sky Land, featuring Queen Thwompchomp III
- and Space Land, featuring none other than the King Koopa himself, Bowser (And also Bowser Jr.)

World 1 - Jungle Land:

[SDB3] 1-1 Timber Temple by КaуtchJαм
[SDB3] 1-2 Fly Trap Tunnel by JungleB
[SDB3] 1-3 River Ramble by BRICK 101
[SDB3] 1-4 Under the Undergrowth by ite
[SDB3] 1-5 Overgrown Sandstone by Chris
[SDB3] 1-6 Humongous Fungus by Pink Birdo
[SDB3] 1-7 Tree Top Traversal by TheWotch
[SDB3] 1-8 Woodland Warships by Pink Birdo

World 2 - Desert Land:

[SDB3] 2-1 Muncher Culture by Pink Birdo
[SDB3] 2-2 Into Piranha Pyramid by Stefan
[SDB3] 2-3 Slipsand Surprise by angela
[SDB3] 2-4 Bowser Jr.'s Sandbox by ite
[SDB3] 2-5 Temperature Tantrum by JJ
[SDB3] 2-6 Drifting Dunes by Zubat
[SDB3] 2-7 Arid Abbey by Textnext
[SDB3] 2-8 The Sphinx Squadron! by Abel

World 3 - Water Land:

[SDB3] 3-1 Spawning Spinies by angela
[SDB3] 3-2 Cascade Escapades by CJ
[SDB3] 3-3 Ancient Abyss by Andy
[SDB3] 3-4 Fort Fishbone by Flandre
[SDB3] 3-5 Jelectro Springs by neo
[SDB3] 3-6 cheep cheep stampede! by Stefan
[SDB3] 3-7 The Frozen Waterfall by ite
[SDB3] 3-8 Cecil the Sea Serpent by Pink Birdo

World 4 - Color Land:

[SDB3] 4-1 Blue Beetle Bay bu BRICK 101
[SDB3] 4-2 Peaches and Cream by neo
[SDB3] 4-3 Parallel Panels by Gratoffie
[SDB3] 4-4 Scarlet Citadel by Scarlet
[SDB3] 4-5 Crazy Color Clash by JJ
[SDB3] 4-6 Washed-Out-Waters by Textnext
[SDB3] 4-7 The Jade Palace by ite
[SDB3] 4-8 Prismatic Piracy by Seenoc

World 5 - Night Land:

[SDB3] 5-1 Mother Boo's Paradise by Ayumi
[SDB3] 5-2 Scarescraper City by Jen
[SDB3] 5-3 Nightmare Necropolis by chicky
[SDB3] 5-4 Spectral Stronghold by Xeze
[SDB3] 5-5 Figment Forest by BRICK 101
[SDB3] 5-6 Kamek's Kooky Crypt by Abel
[SDB3] 5-7 Ghost Coaster by David
[SDB3] 5-8 Eerie Express by Flandre

World 6 - Frostfire Land:

[SDB3] 6-1 Ptooie Panic by LuigiM9
[SDB3] 6-2 Buzzsaw Basilica by JungleB
[SDB3] 6-3 Torrid Tundra by Antisocial
[SDB3] 6-4 Frostfire Fortress by soulctcher
[SDB3] 6-5 Forgotten Frostpost by Flandre
[SDB3] 6-6 Chilly Crumbly Caves by Abel
[SDB3] 6-7 Meteorice Lake by Glackum
[SDB3] 6-8 Frigid Frigate by simen

World 7 - Sky Land:

[SDB3] 7-1 Spinning Sky by Lantis
[SDB3] 7-2 Breezy Bastion by Frank
[SDB3] 7-3 Hammer Rain by Stefan
[SDB3] 7-4 Shimmering Spire by Glackum
[SDB3] 7-5 Parabeetle Playtime by Drew
[SDB3] 7-6 Clouds in Fort Thwomp by David
[SDB3] 7-7 Aerial Adventure by Andy
[SDB3] 7-8 Stratospheric Skyship by BRICK 101

World 8 - Space Land:

[SDB3] 8-1 Paranoid Plant Planet by Ayumi
[SDB3] 8-2 Springy Syzygy by BRICK 101
[SDB3] 8-3 Impacting The Moon by EJFSquared
[SDB3] 8-4 Galactic Generator by JungleB
[SDB3] 8-5 Caterpillar Cosmos by Fatys.H
[SDB3] 8-6 Holy Moley Moon Maze! by Pink Birdo
[SDB3] 8-7 Alien Encounter by Scarlet
[SDB3] 8-8 Supernova Starbase by Andy

Ending Credits:

Item Reviewed: Super Discord Bros. 3 (SDB3) Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Lantis
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