Casual Cloud Control by Warspyking (Canada)

Difficulty: Expert

In the deepest depths of the Mushroom Kingdom underground, Mario encounters a band of soldiers trained in the ancient art of Lakitu warfare. As these fiends attempt to bully Mario until he retreats, our heroic plumber must creatively abuse the environment around him in order to outsmart these creatures. As they are known for tracking Mario's every move, perhaps there's a way to pull the wool over their eyes and use them to our hero's advantage?

Notable Levels by Christian:

About the Maker:

Christian - is a 16 years old with a game development dream. Warspyking (AKA: Christian on miiverse) is an aspiring level creator with the hopes of making a profession out of his talents in the real world. While he loves the challenge of kaizo, and primarily designs/plays hard levels, he also prides himself on his ability to create fun traditional levels. Racking up over 4000 hours on SMM, it is absolutely the best game he has ever dedicated time to.
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