Four Scrolls of Destiny by Super Dave (USA)

Difficulty: Super Expert

In a universe where everything moves, Mario must visit four worlds and fulfill the four prophecies of the Scroll of Destiny. The scroll says: "And the moles shall walk with fidget spinners, the springs shall dab, the mushrooms shall speak about your mother in a demeaning way, and the shells shall speak of memes. You must visit all four worlds and survive to the end. Only then will you be the littest homie in the land and can complete the level.

Notable Levels by Super Dave:

About the Maker:

Super Dave - From the land kaizo and memes (AKA: 'Murica) comes Mini Panga, with a level fun enough to make even your mom laugh. Mini Panga enjoys long walks with fidget spinners and often enjoys a nice relaxing day with bob ross. Don't get on his bad side though, or else Chuck Norris will roundhouse kick you into oblivion! So sit back, turn on some brainpower, and enjoy his <content deleted>. John Cena approves of this message.
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