Perplexing Puzzles

The Perplexing Puzzles Project is a community-driven project of Super Mario Maker puzzle levels. Some are made by well-known creators, as well as a few oddballs.

01. Pen & Paper Pyramid by Pink Birdo - F898-0000-0382-E5FE

True to its title, this puzzle requires a pen and paper, and takes place in a pyramid. In this sequel to "The 13 Alien Hieroglyphs", the player must use a variety of clues to translate a message written in hieroglyphics, with each glyph corresponding to a distinct character.

02. The Clock Tower Conundrums by Nick - C34C-0000-0383-6BEC

In this level you need to climb an old clock tower and solve 3 challenging puzzle rooms. While the puzzles seem impossible at first, you can reset time to do more than you could before! Use the moving blue platforms and other items in clever ways to solve the towers mysteries.

03. Moonlit Musical Manor by Cheezy - 33FC-0000-0383-9D7E

Cheezy has always wanted to make a music course. However he has little backround in music so this was the closest he could get. In this level you must use note blocks in clever ways to compose the perfect melody of the classic SMB3 "course completed" tune.

04. POWnundrum Puzzle by SeanHip2 - 6380-0000-0383-86A8

A classic Seanhip2 one-screen puzzle experience with many creative tricks used throughout. Before you play I have one tip: Watch out.

05. Through the Walls by AKAToad - 297E-0000-0384-1BFD

Mario has taken victory before, but he still has the world to explore. And he's gonna do it in style. Way up in the clouds, in fact! This level shows you almost every way to bypass the solid object that isn't so solid: the one-way door. Never would you have thought that it's almost a 4-way door, but in this level Mario will explore every side of this oddball platform.

06. Not Too Close Puzzle by Kian - D197-0000-0384-6B31

The concept was found by him by accident whilst he was busy making his first few puzzles. He found that the thwomp’s activation range was rather interesting and that a single pixel could mean the difference between the thwomp falling or not. This was pretty cool so he made a stand-alone puzzle for it.

07. Secret Secluded Sanctuary by lucaman23 - ADCE-0000-0384-90B6

A level that has you solving 8 unique puzzles involving the use of invisible blocks and other hidden items. Look closely and pay attention to the environment around you as it has all the answers you may be looking for. A secret can be found for those willing to explore.

08. Death and Return of Puzzle by Mrichston2 - 13A4-0000-0385-1F8E

Mrichston is one of the most consistent, talented and active puzzle makers in the community. He is literally a factory of high-quality puzzle levels. He is the perfect creator if you ever want to sit back and binge a bunch of one screen puzzles.

09. Yoshiception by Iris - D68D-0000-0385-14F5

Employ Yoshi's tongue and an arsenal of respawn tricks in order to make Yoshi eggs hatch into useful power-ups. Then apply what you have learned to a final challenge involving a strategic application of bomb explosions and damage boosting.

10. Perplexing Puzzle Box by N.P. Dave - B287-0000-0385-388D

Travel into five unique "Boxes" and solve the puzzles within to claim your prize and get closer to escaping the level.

11. The Return of Echigo Mole by Jon - 993D-0000-0387-FB14

The long-awaited sequel to the infamously difficult puzzle level Echigo Mole and his Socks. Put on your thinking cap and clear out your schedule, because this level is an ADP (All Day Puzzle), a puzzle that's designed to take even longer to solve than the four or five hours that several streamers spent on Echigo Mole's first SMM incarnation. If you're prepared for an extra challenge, see whether you can collect the five optional pink coins to unlock a hidden area at the end—and if you do, don't forget the code that you learned in Pink Birdo's Pen & Paper Pyramid.
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