Spiny Side Down by Buflen (Canada)

Difficulty: Expert

Giant spinies are enemies, but sometimes, they can be helpful. Let them show you the way through this big castle filled with skewers and spiketops; they might need your help too.

Notable Levels by Buflen:

About the Maker:

Buflen - is a 33 year old French Canadian maker who is well-known in the twitch and reddit community for his overuse of skull platforms, pows and munchers. His latest obsession as a level creator is autoscrollers - however, his main design goal is to create fun, fast-paced, difficult but fair action platformers with a great flow. Outside of Mario Maker, Buflen is a software developer, an avid beach volleyball player and Twitch stream addict. He also has a devoted father who uploaded his level for him.
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