Starshine Spaceshrine by Andy (USA)

Difficulty: Expert

The final frontier awaits! A heavenly temple, in the farthest corner of outer space is the next stop in Mario's never-ending adventure! The celestial citadel is full of Mario's new best friends, items in clouds! Discover the tricks and purposes of your flying friends, and make your way out! Can you find the legendary Starcake?

Notable Levels by Andy:

About the Maker:

Andy - is very happy to be back for his second year making Marios! Now, starting his first year of high school, Andy is prepared to amaze all the haters with his unique, fresh, and polished level design skills. As well as getting EVEN better with aesthetics, Andy now knows the ins and outs of sound editing, (and get this) making a level with good gameplay! What a marvelous two years it has been...
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