Super Discord Bros. (SDB)

Game Title: Super Discord Bros. (SDB)

Description: SDB is the third installment in the discord series after Super Discord World and Super Discord Bros. 3. This was a community effort involving regulars on the subreddit's discord server with the goal of making an entire SMB game in just under 3 months. We modeled the game structure after The Lost Levels, with 8 four-level worlds, followed by worlds 9, A, B, C, and D, for a total of 52 levels. However, one difference is that each world is represented by a unique on-theme boss. In order, the worlds are:

World 1: Classic Country, featuring Fake Bowser
World 2: Luigi Land, featuring Peak-A-Boos
World 3: Yoshi's Island, featuring Kamek
World 4: Humongous Hills, featuring Giant Inflatable Bowser
World 5: Gorilla Groves, featuring Ravenous Randal
World 6: Mushroom Metropolis, featuring Dr. Brainzilla
World 7: Piranha Pipeline, featuring Pickles the Piranha
World 8: Koopa Courtyard, featuring Bowser
World 9: Princess Peaks, featuring Bowser Jr.
World A: Minion Mines, featuring The Mechagoomba
World B: Doki Doki Dreamland, featuring Hawkmouth
World C: Weird World, featuring Mario ?!
World D: Koopa Chronopolis, featuring Time Paradox Bowser


World 1 - Classic Country: a classic Mario-themed world for all you purists out there.

1-1 Familiar Foothills by Midna
1-2 Bullet Bill Basement by Dr. R
1-3 Royale with Trees by Aegis Cook
1-4 Koopa Kastle by Neo

World 2 - Luigi Land: a world where you play as Luigi (or is it Mario wearing a Luigi costume?), still with a strong emphasis on classic architecture and gameplay.

2-1 Brother Plumber by Fifo
2-2 Slip-Slide Cellar by Freethan / FlinnerJ
2-3 Freezee Weegee Waters by Chapium
2-4 Luigi's Mansion by Kouseband

World 3 - Yoshi's Island: An island-themed world where you play as Yoshi. Here, levels draw influences from the game of the same title and Yoshi's Woolly World as well.

3-1 Isle of Imagination by Andy
3-2 Yoshi’s Wiggly Woods by Carlos
3-3 Island Hoppin' Hijinks by Zubat
3-4 Kamek's Dizzy Dungeon by Tyler

World 4 - Humongous Hills: it's unclear if giant enemies roam this land or if Mario was shrunk by Kamek before coming here.

4-1 Doublesized District by Seenoc
4-2 Oversized Overpass by c0ld
4-3 Little Giants by Gmaas
4-4 Big Beetle Block Break by Midna

World 5 - Gorilla Groves: in this jungle-themed world, Mario enlists the help of his oldest friend, Donkey Kong. Diddy and DK Jr. get some screen time as well.

5-1 Conveyor Canopy Clamor by Gratoffie
5-2 Slippery Slope Ride by CJ
5-3 Tree Top Trouble by Ororodawn
5-4 Rubbery Ruins by clapclap / Aus

World 6 - Mushroom Metropolis: a mushroom city-themed world featuring go-karts, power lines, toadette, and chaos in the windy city.

6-1 Downtown Drive by Azo
6-2 Power Line Panic by Neo
6-3 Midnight Metropolis by Chicky
6-4 Monstrous Megafactory by Andy

World 7 - Piranha Pipeline: a pipe-themed world. The makers were so devoted to the theme that every level in this world has the word "pipe" in its title.

7-1 A Day In The Pipe by Wizardoh
7-2 Pickle Juice Pipeline by Chapium
7-3 Skypipe Skitter by Midna
7-4 Pickles' Cheep Pipeway by Thomas

World 8 - Koopa Courtyard: the vast gardens of Bowser's castle, the site of Mario's first encounter with King Koopa himself. Will he defeat Bowser once and for all? Or will the game drag on for another 20 levels after this?

8-1 Here We Grow! by Irasc / Cel
8-2 Pruning The Piranha by Gmaas
8-3 Factory Fleet by Anti
8-4 King Koopa's Court by Thomas

World 9 - Princess Peaks: an icy mountain-themed world with princesses who don't need a man to come save them... except Peach, who was just saved by Mario off-screen in 8-4.

9-1 Princess Promenade by Angela
9-2 Super Daisy Land by Gratoffie
9-3 Aristocratic Artillery by Simnil
9-4 Starlit Summit by Ghrian

World A - Minion Mines: the wackiness begins in this mine/mountain-themed world where the player assumes the role of various minions. Goomba, Shellcreeper, Shy Guy, Nabbit, and Bowser Jr. all make appearances.

A-1 Marvelous Moving Mines by Lantis
A-2 Glitterglow Grotto by Ororodawn
A-3 Sewage Sludge Splash by Brick 101
A-4 Goomba at the Gates by Freethan / FlinnerJ

World B - Doki Doki Dreamland: Mario and his friends have returned to the land of Subcon, where Hawkmouth now reigns. In these levels you may choose to play as either Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, or Birdo.

B-1 Hoopster Hoopla by Balooga Booga / Gnome
B-2 Wart's Wild Whale Ride by Olympicmarmot
B-3 Ostro Ossuarium by Scarlet
B-4 Hawkmouth Hideout by Pink Birdo

World C - Weird World: backwards, upside-down levels and other weirdness permeate this world, which starts with a castle and ends with an apparent time warp.

C-1 Chekhov's Door by Pink Birdo
C-2 That Ceiling Feeling by Pink Birdo
C-3 It's A Wrap by Ororodawn
C-4 Patter-Killer Funhouse by Mr. Yarrow

World D - Koopa Chronopolis: the site of Mario's final encounter with Bowser is not a matter of where, but when. SDB's final world features time traveling, time freezing, time collapsing, and time paradoxes.

D-1 A Clockwork Clementine by Aegis Cook
D-2 Chrono Collapse by Seenoc
D-3 Twisted Timelines by JungleB
D-4 Paradox Palace by Brick 101

Level ID's:

[SDB] 1-1 Familiar Foothills - C4EF-0000-034B-6DC3
[SDB] 1-2 Bullet Bill Basement - 56F8-0000-034C-3E5E
[SDB] 1-3 Royale with Trees - 9914-0000-033C-D7B5
[SDB] 1-4 Koopa Kastle - CDDA-0000-0340-3869
[SDB] 2-1 Brother Plumber - 0169-0000-033C-56F1
[SDB] 2-2 Slip-Slide Cellar - 1726-0000-0339-65C5
[SDB] 2-3 Freezee Weegee Waters - B37D-0000-0343-C9FE
[SDB] 2-4 Luigi's Mansion - 184D-0000-034C-5BDE
[SDB] 3-1 Isle of Imagination - 8362-0000-0355-8D89
[SDB] 3-2 Yoshi’s Wiggly Woods - B5A0-0000-033C-3571
[SDB] 3-3 Island Hoppin' Hijinks - 8B8E-0000-0358-6684
[SDB] 3-4 Kamek's Dizzy Dungeon - 63E5-0000-0352-C3DB
[SDB] 4-1 Doublesized District - 6463-0000-034A-CAB3
[SDB] 4-2 Oversized Overpass - E440-0000-033B-DDB4
[SDB] 4-3 Little Giants - AA9E-0000-033C-0ADC
[SDB] 4-4 Big Beetle Block Break - C8D6-0000-034B-C35E
[SDB] 5-1 Conveyor Canopy Clamor - 1DC3-0000-0359-62A3
[SDB] 5-2 Slippery Slope Ride - 85EF-0000-0357-82A9
[SDB] 5-3 Tree Top Trouble - 92DA-0000-0352-174F
[SDB] 5-4 Rubbery Ruins - 4973-0000-0359-6F75
[SDB] 6-1 Downtown Drive - 3E36-0000-0352-4074
[SDB] 6-2 Power Line Panic - F07E-0000-0358-C5A6
[SDB] 6-3 Midnight Metropolis - 6577-0000-0353-9618
[SDB] 6-4 Monstrous Megafactory - DD0C-0000-0339-F96D
[SDB] 7-1 A Day In The Pipe - 8E50-0000-0354-652F
[SDB] 7-2 Pickle Juice Pipeline - F734-0000-0358-A0C9
[SDB] 7-3 Skypipe Skitter - 340A-0000-034B-6FBE
[SDB] 7-4 Pickles' Cheep Pipeway - 22D7-0000-033E-A7B5
[SDB] 8-1 Here We Grow! - C841-0000-0346-9623
[SDB] 8-2 Pruning The Piranha - 705D-0000-033C-B1B4
[SDB] 8-3 Factory Fleet - 6B0F-0000-0341-5D38
[SDB] 8-4 King Koopa's Court - 75BC-0000-0347-516A
[SDB] 9-1 Princess Promenade - D565-0000-0350-32C4
[SDB] 9-2 Super Daisy Land - 144D-0000-0355-CBC0
[SDB] 9-3 Aristocratic Artillery - 2E73-0000-0354-1D69
[SDB] 9-4 Starlit Summit - 27E1-0000-0354-FA23
[SDB] A-1 Marvelous Moving Mines - 7EB6-0000-033E-BC71
[SDB] A-2 Glitterglow Grotto - AA82-0000-0343-69ED
[SDB] A-3 Sewage Sludge Splash - 5E70-0000-0354-A9A7
[SDB] A-4 Goomba at the Gates - 68F8-0000-0348-9A39
[SDB] B-1 Hoopster Hoopla - D376-0000-0358-0735
[SDB] B-2 Wart's Wild Whale Ride - 6FD4-0000-0357-22B4
[SDB] B-3 Ostro Ossuarium - E832-0000-0351-D338
[SDB] B-4 Hawkmouth Hideout - 96D4-0000-0349-E08D
[SDB] C-1 Chekhov's Door - 634A-0000-0341-63EA
[SDB] C-2 That Ceiling Feeling - 0256-0000-033A-482A
[SDB] C-3 It's A Wrap - 6090-0000-0351-F124
[SDB] C-4 Patter-Killer Funhouse - 8A0D-0000-0342-7513
[SDB] D-1 A Clockwork Clementine - A09F-0000-0358-44A2
[SDB] D-2 Chrono Collapse - 6960-0000-0340-F95C
[SDB] D-3 Twisted Timelines - 237A-0000-0351-AFBB
[SDB] D-4 Paradox Palace - C911-0000-0357-D34C
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