The Improper Propeller by David (USA)

Difficulty: Expert

Propeller hats. The height of fashion. Just a press of the button and you shoot right into the sky! And once you land you can use it again, right? Well, this army of wigglers has a different idea. But at least you still have wall jumps, air twirls, and spinning wall jumps! All while that stupid propellor spins uselessly above your head. Hunt for the goal, and solid, non-wiggly ground, in this aerial obstacle course! Shout outs to @moto_seinen for his Falls of Walls level.

Notable Levels by David:

About the Maker:

David Pinkston - aka Chronos30, is an American software engineer. He's been stretching the limits of games with level editors since a little gem called ZZT came out way back in the 1990's. Now he's delighting streamers and viewers alike with his Mario Maker creations on Twitch. He loves to build each of his levels around a consistent theme or unique mechanic, and usually one that he has never seen anyone else build a level around before!
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