Unseparate Birdo and Yoshi by Pink Birdo (Canada)

Difficulty: Normal

In this successor to "Reunite Birdo and Yoshi", Baby Bowser, Wart, Kamek, and Raphael the Raven have all joined forces to separate the two lovers. Now, it's up to you to unseparate them. Travel through memorable areas in Subcon (as Birdo) and Yoshi's Island (as Yoshi) in this nostalgic, musical, nonbinary-interspecies-romance-promoting adventure, culminating in a tag-team battle against the Koopa prince himself.

Notable Levels by Pink Birdo:

About the Maker:

Pink Birdo - is a maker from the land of Canadia. Prior to getting involved in SMM, Birdo fooled around on the RPG Maker and made many silly full-length games. Known mostly for making one-screen puzzles, Birdo is trying to be known more for making non-puzzle levels, like tribute levels, traditional levels, semi-traditional levels, quasi-traditional levels, boss fights, music levels, music loops, gimmick levels, aesthetic levels, one-screen puzzles, four-screen puzzles, full length puzzles, and to kill a mockingbird tribute levels. Birdo's favorite foods are ciabatta buns, salmon, and date squares.
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