Bone-Crusher Boardwalk by Melonrind (USA)

Difficulty: Expert

On the outskirts of Chocolate Island, Mario comes to this boardwalk to get his hands on more giant cake. However, he remains painfully unaware of the mechanisms designed for his ruin (considering the name "Bone-Crusher Boardwalk"). Mario must make use of his POW-weilding abilities and yoshi's naivety to avoid being flattened like a lasagna noodle. Will Mario be able to successfully evade the traps, traverse the boardwalk, and defeat the evil presence responsible?

Notable Levels by Melonrind:

About the Maker:

Melonrind - is a proud citizen of the USA. He got a Wii U so he could play Mario Maker and DKC Tropical Freeze, which gave him a new way to burn time instead of making trolly mario vs donkey kong levels all day. Melonrind's first encounter with games was when he got a GBA and was able to play gems like Shrek: Hassle at the Castle (and some of the other titles mentioned). Outside of videogames, melonrind enjoys fishing, running track, and ping-pong. Other abilities include procrastinating and filling up his 7-Eleven slurpee cup really full without spilling. In his levels, melonrind aims for immersive themes and unique gameplay.
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