Inconvenient Entry by x1372 (USA)

Difficulty: Expert

So we have pipes. And doors. Lots of them that you need to go through. It would all be so simple and convenient... if any of them were on the ground! But just because they're inconveniently placed doesn't mean Mario can't enter them, and in this level you will do so in a variety of interesting ways.

Notable Levels by x1372:

About the Maker:

x1372 - or "Camper Bob" as he was once known in the Smash Bros. Melee community, is a maker from the US who in some ways was raised by Mario. By the age of 10, he had both SMB3 and SMW practically memorized. Several years before Mario Maker, he was involved in SMW hacking, having moderate success in a few level design contests. x1372's levels tend to focus on exploring a concept rather than traditional gameplay, with "Bouncing on Red Bellies" as his most popular level so far.
Item Reviewed: Inconvenient Entry by x1372 (USA) Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Lantis
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