Lair of the Stone Golem by DonkeyMint (USA)

Difficulty: Expert

Mario enters the ancient lair of the giant mythical Stone Golem. They say it can smash mountains into rubble with a strike from its mighty stone arms...let's hope he doesn't awaken the beast and find out firsthand.

Notable Levels by DonkeyMint:

About the Maker:

DonkeyMint - is an American maker who enjoys staying up late with a nice drink and building fun, unique levels. He’s an animator and graphic designer for a TV station and sings in a band on the side. Back in the days of early Mario when there was no way to make your own levels, he would nerd out his level ideas on graph paper for no audience, so now that Mario Maker exists, it’s been a light obsession of his to figure out the fun stuff he can make with it. For no real reason, his levels keep involving giant things.

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