Pi is Better than Cake by Evermar (USA)

Difficulty: Super Expert

Race and match your pace with a spiny shell through this cavern of dangers. Sometimes you will have to use the spiny shell as a platform to spin jump off of, and other times the spiny shell will trigger objects to assist you. Can you get to the end in one shot to save your friend?

Notable Levels by Evermar:

About the Maker:

Evermar - never planned to get Mario Maker. He loved spending his days playing Mario Kart 8 online and Hyrule Warriors for hours on end. The only reason he decided to purchase Mario Maker was because two of his friends said they were getting it and he wanted to play their stages. Fast forward 3500+ hours later, and Evermar realized that Mario Maker had become his favorite 2D Mario games of all time. When Evermar makes a stage, his main objective is to create something that gives a great feeling of accomplishment when completed. He hopes you feel that sense of accomplishment when you beat his 2YMM stage.
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