Cape Diem, Spin The Day by Bruhhhhhh (USA)

Difficulty: Normal

A level based around spin jumping with the cape! Just get running and press ZR to spin your way through many ups and downs this course has to offer.

Notable Levels by Bruhhhhhh:

About the Maker:

Bruhhhhhh - is a 15 year old maker from the US who is known for making some creative yet aggravating levels. He is famously known for making the hour long unskippable desert bus level that many have encountered in 100MC. He has been interested in making custom mario levels for over 5 years now. When he saw this game at E3 2014, he was hyped. He purchased this game in October 2015 and has been addicted ever since.
Item Reviewed: Cape Diem, Spin The Day by Bruhhhhhh (USA) Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Lantis
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