The Once and Future Mario by Com_poser (USA)

Difficulty: Expert

The Once and Future Mario is a heartfelt finale to the 2YMM project, featuring the music from the end-credits of Super Mario World. Enjoy this memorable melody, lovingly recreated here, as you travel through Dinosaur Land one last time, with your best friend and/or tool to be used, punched, and then disposed of, Yoshi.

Notable Levels by Com_poser:

About the Maker:

Com_poser - is 33 years old from the midwest United States. He spent his childhood playing video games and falling in love with their soundtracks. Games like Castlevania, Metroid, Mega Man, and Chrono Trigger permanently cemented his love of both games and music. It wasn't until 1YMM ended that he purchased Mario Maker, after stumbling upon the YouTube channels of CarlSagan42 and GrandPooBear. He saw these streamers playing custom music levels and immediately became obsessed with creating layered musical levels with challenging platforming. Kiavik caught BarbarousKing playing one of his levels and brought him into the 2YMM fold. With the help of the community he has been able to improve his overall level design (it’s not great now, but it’s okay) and make some of the most musically impressive levels in all of Mario Maker. When not playing Mario Maker, Com_poser works on freelance musical projects and has contributed to several SMW rom-hacks, including Grand Poo World, Legends of Mario, and Super Mallow World.
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