A Bad DryBones FanFiction by Salt Lake Atrocity (USA)

Difficulty: Super Expert

Welcome to the decrepit catacombs of the Dry Bones, where forlorn relics and an abyssal descent stand between Mario and an atrocity at the bottom that is said to rattle the very marrow of its protectors. Rumors claim that what lies at the heart of this tomb is something so abhorrent and alien that the mind snaps at its very utterance: a poorly written Dry Bones Fan Fiction.

Notable Levels by Salt Lake Atrocity:

About the Maker:

Salt Lake Atrocity - often referred to as Rob, is a twenty-something whose love for gaming spawned from the likes of Super Mario Bros 3 back when blowing on game cartridges undoubtedly fixed them one-hundred percent of the time. Despite the stage name, he doesn't actually live in Salt Lake City—but he is quite atrocious at playing games. Nowadays he can be found either critiquing somebody's grammar or playing gaming masterpieces such as Bubsy 3D.
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