New Super Discord Bros. U (NSDBU)

A collaborative, 80-level, traditional NSMBU game involving 44 different makers.

Game Title: NEW Super Discord Bros. U

Description: The fourth and final installment in the Super Discord series, directed by Gratoffie and Ororodawn, is finally here! With 64 levels across 8 worlds, as well as 16 levels in 2 bonus worlds, this collaborative effort four months in the making shows what can be accomplished when makers from a variety of experience levels and backgrounds work together. 44 makers have crafted and refined a full-length game more ambitious than ever before, exclusively in the New Super Mario Bros. U style. New to the series are star coins that unlock bonus rooms in every level. Seek out all the coins for a little extra challenge. The list of mouth-watering worlds is as follows:

World 1: Chestnut Court. Mysterious ruins lie past the innocent plains that populate this world.

1-1 Propeller Prelude by CJ
1-2 Buried Brickwork by TheWotch
1-3 Wings and Things by Michael
1-4 Warrior's Watchtower by JungleB
1-5 Cashew Canals by Steven
1-6 The Haunted Clocks by Dark Link
1-7 Rhizome Ruins by Kosten
1-8 Crunchy Cathedral by Steven

World 2: Rock Candy Caverns. Go deep underground, drawn by the brilliant glimmer of candy gems.

2-1 Beetle Burrow by Joe
2-2 Muncher Mountain by Zubat
2-3 Mineral Mines by Fatys.H
2-4 Mineshaft Mayhem by Gratoffie
2-5 Rocky Ravine by м¢ƒβιοηιχ
2-6 Eerie Quarry by Neo
2-7 Buried Blades by Mike B
2-8 Chomp Chomp Château by FiFo

World 3: Pumpkin Pier. Death on the open sea has made this watery world a spooky place.

3-1 Spiny Shoals by Angela
3-2 Bumper Bay by Ororodawn
3-3 Huckit Harbor by Rowlet
3-4 Brinewater Brig by Gilmore
3-5 Chilling Currents by Ian
3-6 Shipshape Shipwreck by CJ
3-7 Deep Sea Darkness by Miguel
3-8 Subsided Stronghold by Glackum

World 4: Granita Glacier. Be sure to dress appropriately for this frigid snowscape.

4-1 Perilous Plants by Stefan
4-2 Hectic Hailstorm by Gratoffie
4-3 Ice Cap Crevasse by 8-Bit Bert
4-4 Shiverflake Spire by Ororodawn
4-5 Frosty Forecast by TheWotch
4-6 Phantom Freeze by JJ
4-7 Surly Stalactites by Aus
4-8 Cold Cauldron Castle by Myuu

World 5: Wok Wok Woods. Explore a tropical island filled with strange fauna and natural danger.

5-1 Toucan Trails by Rowlet
5-2 Bounce Back Bog by Turn7Boom
5-3 Vicious Vine Incline by m0sh
5-4 Garden Guardtower by Frank
5-5 Deep Pond Plank by Carlos
5-6 Overgrown Occupancy by Kitty
5-7 Jungle Jiggle by JJ
5-8 Volcanic Vibration by CTRX

World 6: Granola Grinders. Dodge menacing machines through factories and sawmills.

6-1 Sawmill Hill by bruhhhhhh
6-2 Automated Abyss by .•Mario
6-3 Rickety Ripsaws by Michael
6-4 Bob-omb Factory by BRICK 101
6-5 Drainpipe Drift by DonkeyMint
6-6 Haunted Hallway by Frank
6-7 Frigid Factory by Cheezy
6-8 Blasting Bob-omb Biz by Cedric

World 7: Cotton Candy Clouds. Leave the Earth for the sky and discover what lurks hidden in the clouds.

7-1 Spiny Skyway by Lantis
7-2 Skyway Ride by Stefan
7-3 Platformance Peaks by Rich/aЫaze
7-4 The Hour Tower by M
7-5 Strike on Sky City by TheWotch
7-6 Eerie Aerial Area by mecart
7-7 Archmagus Airway by Gratoffie
7-8 Spiketop Spinoff by Koopa King

World 8: Koopa Keep. Siege Bowser's sprawling castle and bring everything to an end.

8-1 Deadly Defenses by JungleB
8-2 Munition Moat by FiFo
8-3 Botanical Bailey by Steven
8-4 Firewave Foundry by Mike B
8-5 Smashing Support by Aus
8-6 Botany Anarchy by Ian
8-7 The Confrontation by Myuu
8-8 The Showdown by Neo

World X: Starfruit World. Reminisce with themed levels for every world you passed through on your journey thus far.

X-1 Titanic Temple by JungleB
X-2 Rickety Railing by Ororodawn
X-3 Boom Bloom Bloopers by Aus
X-4 Slushy Speedway by JungleB
X-5 Treetop Trek by Michael
X-6 Cutting Edge by Ororodawn
X-7 Hammer Bro Armada by Stefan
X-8 Crazy Conveyors by Frank

World Y: Secret Ingredient Zone. A final gauntlet of unique and exciting challenges.

Y-1 Stupid Fresh by DonkeyMint
Y-2 Wicked by Frank
Y-3 Fantasmagoric by Fatys.H
Y-4 Radical by Frank
Y-5 Bodacious by Steven
Y-6 Lit by Ororodawn
Y-7 Sick by JungleB
Y-8 Denouement by Myuu

Special Thanks: First, thank you to Pink Birdo for spearheading the previous three Super Discord projects, without which this project would not exist. Thank you also to Ororodawn for running this project with me, as well as JungleB, FiFo, CJ, Angela, Stefan, DonkeyMint, TheWotch (Anne), BRICK 101, and Neo for also taking on leadership roles. I would not have been able to do this without your support. Finally, thank you to everyone who made a level, tested and provided feedback on the levels of others, or helped the project along in any way. This was a true collaboration, with every person bringing their own unique addition to the table. You are what made this experience special.

Special shout out to JungleB, Frank, Ororodawn, Steven (Donaldduck2468), TheWotch (Anne), Aus (clap88), Stefan, Michael (MichaelCycle2347), and Myuu for contributing three or more levels each.

Recording, Streaming, Racing: Anyone can feel free to record, stream, or race NSDBU. While you shouldn't feel obligated to alert us, if you do, many of us would love to stop by your stream and watch.
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