Reckless Abandon by Jeffie (Belgium)

Difficulty: Super Expert

After an extraordinary 1up bender, Mario got a hunger he'd never forget. But when the mushroom kingdom's munchie bois finish his food without him, Mario must show off a specific set of skills to enact his vengeance before he awakes the next morning and forgets everything.

Notable Levels by Jeffie:

About the Maker:

Jeffie - is a 32y old fart with a grey beard who lives in the land of chocolate. Often an asshole, jeffie has to play a lot of games since he doesnt have friends IRL. When not playing mario maker, he likes to play Wario Woods 2player VS his pet raccoon, or engage in intimate activities with your mother.
Item Reviewed: Reckless Abandon by Jeffie (Belgium) Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Lantis
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