The Plumber in the Walls by Tetrapteryx (USA)

Difficulty: Expert

Once upon a midnight dreary, Mario proposed a theory:
Quantum tunneling occurs in entities both large and small.
Postulated by a plumber, and a quantum-field newcomer,
Such a theory wasn't dumber than astrology at all.
Surely his hypothesis would come to be embraced by all:
He could walk inside a wall.

Nearly every quantum datum is no larger than an atom.
Is a plumber truly like a subatomic wave or ball?
Critics muttered with defiance that the claim was pseudoscience;
That its author's noncompliance ought to morally appall.
Bowser's moral intuition said the theory should appall:
Who could walk inside a wall?

Mario has built a level all his critics to bedevil,
Crafted for experiments of physics-wrenching protocol.
Evidence will be forthcoming, from the wavelength he's becoming,
That our hero's quantum plumbing shows his theory cannot fall.
Mario's entangled course will prove his theory cannot fall:
He can walk inside a wall!

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About the Maker:

Tetrapteryx - also known as Jon or Jonathan, is a science writer in his 30s who's been playing video games ever since he got the original NES for Christmas when he was five years old. His favorite video game of all time is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and most of his SMM levels are inspired by the Zelda series' mixture of puzzles, action and exploration. He's currently on a quest to find people who are able to appreciate both his SMM levels and his science writing, in particular his recent book.
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