Chase Your Dreams by Kdawg (USA)

Difficulty: Super Expert

The F Zero Grand Prix dates back to the 26th Century. This grand race featured the most technological racing machines competing in several circuits [or cups] of fast paced floating action. It was well known for its wild fans and eccentric competitors. Winners of the Grand Prix received large sums of money and a great deal of prestige. Due to a large number of injured participants, the Grand Prix was cancelled several years ago…
…But thanks to the support of many fans, the race will continue.
To commemorate the 3-year anniversary of Super Mario Maker, you will race today as Captain Falcon.
He’s a well known bounty hunter as well as a great F-Zero pilot. Many mysteries surround Capt. Falcon------the only thing we know is that he’s from Port Town.
Here’s to the return of a great competition! We wish you all success.

Notable Levels by Kdawg:

About the Maker:

KDawg - just turned 40 around the same time as Super Mario Maker’s birthday. He owns a Wii U only for Mario Maker. When he is not watching Murphy stream, he is trying his best to make fun platforming levels, usually containing music, and usually in SMB style which is his favorite. He has made 4 levels with original compositions as well as levels with more familiar music from groups like Radiohead, Dave Matthew’s Band, Starship, Guns N Roses, and Metallica. He is teacher with a Master’s degree in Education. He is married with a 3-year-old son, Josiah, who always tells him, “No more Mario Maker!” But he’s too addicted and can only hope Super Mario Maker 2 will be announced soon. Here’s to Mario and Super Mario Maker. Happy Birthday!
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