Crazy Spike Top Blasting by FabioYT (Germany)

Difficulty: Super Expert

Mario enters a seemingly normal looking Castle. As he walked on he saw that something was different this time. Instead of having a normal walkable path, Bullet Blasters are shooting hundrets of Spike Tops in front of him which form a bridge where he has to spin on. Apparently Bowser tried something new and even more challenging. Will Mario survive this crazy carpet of Spike Tops?

Notable Levels by FabioYT:

About the Maker:

FabioYT - is a 17 year old Maker and lives in Germany. The passion for Nintendo came as he was a 3 year old child. He walked into the room of his brother almost everyday and loved to play Mario Kart Double Dash, his first Nintendo game. He grew up with the Game Cube. He started building Levels since 2016 and became addicted to it, so Mario Maker became his favourite Wii U game. The possibilities in this game fascinated him so much that he already built over 100 Levels. He mostly likes to create challenging Levels. Not too hard, fair and fun.
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