Life Without Mystery by Helgefan (Germany)

Difficulty: Expert

Mario loves mushrooms, but recently he started suffering from severe culinary boredom. So he decided to travel to a mysterious place outside of Mushroom Kingdom, where according to rumours some rare and special mushrooms can be collected.
Unfortunately all Mario could find were the kinds of mushrooms he already knew.
However, for some reason they tasted much more juicy than usual.
But be careful Mario! Some mushrooms you feel familiar with might turn out to be poisonous in these strange lands.

Notable Levels by Giant:

About the Maker:

Giant - did not actually create most of the levels submitted under his name. Instead, one of his friends called Helgefan visited him at the end of 2015 where he first encountered SMM. Helgefan couldn't let go of the GamePad ever since. He's so obsessed with making levels that he didn't even have time to create his own account.
Item Reviewed: Life Without Mystery by Helgefan (Germany) Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Lantis
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