Passing the Baton by David Pinkston (USA)

Difficulty: Super Expert

This autoscroller castle has you following behind a series of flying blasters running a sort of relay race. Each one shoots enemies, yoshis, or other surprises to help you cross the lava, then makes way for the next. Can you collect all 8 pink coins and win the cake?

Notable Levels by David:

About the Maker:

David Pinkston - aka Chronos30, is an American software engineer. He's been stretching the limits of games with level editors since a little gem called ZZT came out way back in the 1990's. Now he's delighting streamers and viewers alike with his Mario Maker creations on Twitch. He loves to build each of his levels around a consistent theme or unique mechanic, and usually one that he has never seen anyone else build a level around before!
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