Super Cannonball Escape by C4zR (Japan)

Difficulty: Super Expert

This is a course in which you're always chased by a moltitude of cannonballs.
Slow black balls in the first half, and FAST, RED BALLS in the second.
While not technically a speed run, you can expect this action level to play at the same speed as those.
This course could be called a remake of my old level "Cannonball run away", even though it takes the concept to new heights.

Notable Levels by C4zR:

About the Maker:

C4zR - is a creator from Japan. A 23 year old working girl with a quiet personality that does things at her own pace. Her Mario Maker levels are not too hard, and not too easy.
Item Reviewed: Super Cannonball Escape by C4zR (Japan) Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Lantis
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