Chain Chomp Palace by Pascal (Germany)

Difficulty: Expert

Mario enters an palace guarded by bloodthirsty chain chomps. As he walked into the palace, he saw that something is different from all other castle's he entered. Are the Chain chomps controlled by someone, or something? Will Mario survive this Palace of Chain Chomps and find out who controlled them?

Notable Levels by Pascal:

About the Maker:

Pascal - is a 21-year-old guy living in the southwest of Germany. He likes to play soccer, go hiking, watching Animes and playing video games in his freetime. The Passion for Nintendo came as the Gamecube got released. He almost played every day The Legend of Zelda-Twilight Princess,windwaker or Mario Sunshine. When Mario Maker came out in 2015 he didn't even had a Wii U. But playing level at a friend's house after school convinced him buying one - Just for Mario Maker on the end of 2016 and became addicted to it.
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