Dragonfish Slayer by Macho Man (Brazil)

Difficulty: Super Expert

After traveling throughout the land in search of the princess, Mario finds himself in another of Bowser's castles. But this one isn't like any other he has entered. It is the lair of a very rare and dangerous dragon-like creature, which consumes fishes to empower it's scales. In order to get through the castle alive, Mario must ride the beasts and destroy their source of power. To make matters worse, Bowser left some of his troops behind to help end Mario's princess saving career once and for all. Can YOU help Mario survive the odds and win this terrifying battle?

Notable Levels by Macho Man:

About the Maker:

Macho Man - is a 17 year old high school student from Brazil, who uses a mexican account to play most online games on the Wii U, which is also the reason he got his nickname (long story). Since he was a child he loved to play videogames and build stuff, and when both of these things came together in SMM it became a passion. He loves to build all kinds of crazy contraptions, puzzles, platforming and kaizo levels, and his dream job is to work with videogames.
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