Storm the Koopa Cruiser by Gilmore (USA)

Difficulty: Super Expert

Bowser decides to spend the weekend taking the ol' Kruiser for a spin, but Mario, snooping as usual, is determined to disturb Bowser's family vacaction! Help Mario breach and sabotage the Koopa Kruiser so he can go make lotsa spaghetti for mama luigi.

Notable Levels by Gilmore:

About the Maker:

Gilmore - likes making flashy, themed, and gimmicky platforming levels. His levels have been descibed as "that's cool I guess" and "nice thumbnail". His favorite games are the 3D Marios, DKC series, and yoshi's island. In SMM2 he plans on making a level spammed with those rats from 3d world to make Dashie RAGE!!!
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