Mario’s Birthday

Difficulty: Normal

Style: Theme

Happy Birthday, Super Mario Maker! This simple course is a celebration of Mario’s early years as he grows up, from being delivered by Yoshi to his home in the Mushroom Kingdom to his iconic first platforming adventure (disclaimer: Mario Bros. & side games not included). Speed through hordes of enemies by becoming Superstar Mario before nabbing a cornucopia of power-ups and blasting your way through the title screen!

Notable Levels by Scarlet:

About the Maker

Scarlet - With a long Nintendo history stretching back to the brick Gameboy and a Super Mario Land cartridge, Scarlet's levels are usually remixed tributes to both past and current Nintendo franchises (thanks, Mystery Mushroom!). Taking inspiration from atmospheric experiences such as Super Metroid, visual aesthetics often take precedence over utilitarian design!
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