Camouflage Crystal Cave

Difficulty: Expert

Style: Theme

Go spelunking in this confounding crystal cathedral. Don’t let the colorful patterns fool you as you traverse its marvelous halls. Pay close attention to your surroundings and look for clues to ascertain your path or you may find yourself falling to your doom. 10 pink coins await those with the skill to find them all, but they are not a requirement to complete the course. A birthday cake and a special present can be found, as well, but few will find them...

Notable Levels by RagnarokX:

About the Maker

RagnarokX - Born in 1985, RagnarokX has played Mario games for as long as he can remember. He has fond memories of playing SMB1 on his brother's NES and getting SMB3 for Christmas. RagnarokX has always loved creating things; be it with pencil and paper, Legos, or various other means. He often drew sketches of video game levels he imagined. With Super Mario Maker he was able to combine 2 of his greatest passions. A fan of the criminally underappreciated NSMBU, RagnarokX prefers to create his levels in this style to let it shine.
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