Crash Course Castle

Difficulty: Super Expert

Style: Theme

An intense platforming level utilising blasters sinking into lava to create timers that keep up the level’s pace while also giving players time to react to each approaching obstacle. The end result, hopefully, is a level that is challenging, fun and fair!

The primary inspirations for this level were Buflen’s “Collapsing Crania Catacombs”, as featured in season 2 of Mario Maker Mondays, and the Kaizo Mario World level, Ultra Star.

Notable Levels by Jordan:

About the Maker

Jordan - After being thoroughly amazed, alongside many others, by the extremely difficult levels released by PangaeaPanga shortly after the game's release, Jordan sought to unleash upon the world extremely difficult levels of his own - and so, he did. Some time later, through watching countless viewer level streams and acting as the lead playtester for a series of weekly blind level races, he came to the somewhat obvious realisation that not many people actually enjoy playing these levels. His passion began to shift towards making well designed levels, of all genres, that could be enjoyed by more than just the "best of the best". The high point of Jordan's Mario Maker "career" was being given the opportunity to create a level for the Mario Maker relay race held at SGDQ 2016, which was soon after followed by invitations to lead the design team for AGDQ 2017 and participate in this One Year of Mario Maker project.
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