P-Wing Simulator

Difficulty: Super Expert

Style: Autoscroll

Have you ever imagined a level where you have to fly forever with the super leaf, like the “endless P meter” on the original SMB3? Well, now you can! Infact, bumping on an enemy while having the full p-meter, will reset the timing of flying in Mario Maker. Prepare to fly a lot in this course filled with obstacles all designed for this mechanic.

Notable Levels by Wariuzzo:

About the Maker

Wariuzzo - is a fat italian guy (but a legend says that actually he is...thin) who loves pizza, cutlets and olive ascolane. He always says "Arusta Furia" while he is eating good stuff. He also likes playing videogames, and loves the platforming genre. Games like Super Mario World and the DK Country saga have ruined...ehm, given him a lot of emotions. The day that Mario Maker was released, Wariuzzo knew that he would spend so much time on that game (because he has nothing better to do). Infact, not only he was having a lot of fun to cheese/break other user's levels, but also making some crazy ones! Like those where Yoshi wants your death. And, the "worst" thing is that...these levels were appreciated by the community! And that's why Wariuzzo is in this project today. He is glad to be here, even if in reality he only wants some olive ascolane in the end.
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